Purva Soukhyam Master Plan

Purva Soukhyam plots masterplan HD by Puravankara Limited, Purva Land located in Guduvancheri, Chennai

Welcome to the master plan of Purva Soukhyam, an exquisite residential project that redefines modern living with a beach-themed paradise. The thoughtfully crafted master plan is designed to offer residents a harmonious blend of convenience, luxury, and tranquility.

  • Architectural Brilliance: The master plan of Purva Soukhyam showcases architectural brilliance, inspired by coastal aesthetics. The layout of the project incorporates spacious and aesthetically pleasing designs that create a sense of openness and freedom.
  • Lush Landscapes: As you step into Purva Soukhyam, you are greeted by lush green landscapes adorned with palm trees and vibrant flora, providing a refreshing and serene ambiance reminiscent of a beach resort.
  • Ample Open Spaces: The master plan emphasizes the importance of open spaces, ensuring that residents have plenty of room to breathe and unwind. Expansive gardens, walking trails, and open courtyards offer ample opportunities for relaxation and recreation.
  • Well-Planned Residences: The layout features 2 and 3 BHK apartments, intelligently designed to optimize space and natural light. Each residence boasts contemporary designs and premium fixtures, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.
  • Convenience at Your Doorstep: The master plan strategically places essential amenities, such as clubhouses, fitness centers, and play areas, within easy reach of all residents. This design ensures convenience and fosters a sense of community bonding.
  • Security and Safety: Purva Soukhyam prioritizes the safety and security of its residents. The master plan includes well-defined security measures, such as 24/7 CCTV surveillance and dedicated security personnel.
  • Connectivity: The project’s master plan ensures excellent connectivity to major business districts, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment hubs. Residents enjoy the best of both worlds – a peaceful retreat within the city’s heart.
  • Sustainability: Purva Soukhyam embraces eco-friendly practices. The master plan includes rainwater harvesting systems and solar-powered lighting, showcasing the commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

In conclusion, the master plan of Purva Soukhyam epitomizes a perfect balance of modern living and luxury amenities. With its innovative designs, lush landscapes, and carefully curated amenities, this project promises an unparalleled living experience for those seeking a tranquil yet luxurious lifestyle.

FAQ's- Frequently Asked Questions

Purva Soukhyam master plan has got approximately 65% towards the open space.